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No matter the issue, our specialized services in industrial and commercial HVAC are guaranteed to meet your needs and fix your issue. Our Team of experienced professionals are capable of installing or repairing any of your industrial equipment such as boilers, pumps, heat exchangers, electric motors, controls, actuators, compressors, valves and much more! Even if you’re just looking for a simple gasket or seal replacement, to a refurbishment of a shaft or a replacement of some PVC elbows, our Team of specialists have got you covered. Below is a partial list of services that our Team of professionals are able to assist you with in a moments notice. Give us a call or contact us and see how we can help you today!

How can we help you?

Pump Repair & Installations

Whether you need a new shaft or simple gasket replacement, our team of experts are able to diagnose your issue and fix it. We are capable of installing and/or repairing your pump whether it’s a centrifugal, split-case, in-line, multi-stage, or sump pump. We also offer fabrication of parts for any of your pump needs. 

Steam Trap Installations

We sell, install and repair steam traps  to fit any of your steam trap system needs. Our Team is also capable of refurbishing your steam trap to get it back to proper working condition. 

Grooved Piping Fabrication & Installations

If you’re looking to replace a leaky or corroded pipe, our team can help you no matter the issue. We sell, install and service black grooved piping to meet any of your piping needs. We also fabricate in shop and are able to deliver to you at any job site. Also, if your piping system needs a coupling or elbow replaced or installed, our teams got you covered.

Package Unit Service & Installations

We install, sell and service package units as well as condensing units and mini split system. We also offer periodic check-ups and annual maintenance to make sure your units are running efficiently. 

Copper Pro-Press Pipe Service & Installations

You can trust us with installing copper pro press fittings and copper piping. We also offer soldering services and installations. No matter the size or the issue your copper piping system has, trust us to diagnose, repair and install any of your copper piping needs.

Electric Motor Repairs & Installations

We will replace, install or repair any of your Electric Motor needs. If you need new bearings, refurbishment of end caps or even a motor rewind, trust us to get your motors running again.

Don’t see a service that you need help with? We most likely do it! Give us a call or contact us and one of our Team members will assist you shortly. Also, check out our Products Page for a list of products and brands we offer for any of your needs.


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